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Neighborhoods and Houses

There are any types of places to live; with a house and an apartment being the most common. Below you will learn some vocabulary to help you talk about and describe where you live.

  1. Urban:a population dense area, main area of a city
  2. Rural: a place where very few people live
  3. Suburb: a place outside of the city but not too far away
  4. Apartment: several rooms that form a dwelling, there are usually many in the same building
  5. Condo: Similar to an apartment by is usually privately owned
  6. Duplex: house that is separated and has two separate dwelling areas
  7. House: single family home/building
  8. Rent: you pay a monthly fee to live in a place
  9. Own: the property is your personal possession
  10. Roommate: someone you live with
  • I rent __________.
  • I live in __________ .
  • I pay ______ per month for rent.
  • I live with ______________ in a ______________.

Example Sentences

  • 1- I rent a two bedroom apartment downtown. My friend John is my roommate.
  • 2- I live in a rural area outside of Atlanta with my family.
  • 3- We own a duplex in a suburb of Toronto.
  • 4- My rent is $1000 per month.
  • 5- I live with my sister in an apartment.

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