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Making Plans/Making Excuses

Everyone has to make plans; whether it is to go to a meeting or out to eat. Below you will learn some common phrases for making plans with someone and making excuses.


  • Do you want to _________?
  • Would you like to ________?
  • Can you please _________?

Example Questions:

  1. Do you want to go to the movies with me?
  2. Would you like to go to the beach?
  3. Can you please pick me up at 3pm?

Answering yes:

  • Yes!
  • Yes, I would.
  • Yes, I think that will work.


It is rude to just say ‘no’ when someone wants to make plans or do something with you.

  • I’d like to but ________.
  • I can’t because _________.
  • Sorry, that won’t work because __________.
  • I have other plans.
  • I’m busy that day.

Example Excuses:

  1. I’d like to but I don’t have any money.
  2. I can’t because I’m sick.
  3. Sorry, that won’t work because I have class.
  4. I have other plan on Saturday.

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