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Subordinate Clauses

Subordinate clauses are of three kinds:

  1. Noun clause: It does the work of a noun.
  2. Adjective clause: It does the work of an adjective.
  3. Adverbial clause: It does the work of an adverb.

Read the sentences in the passage:
Kamal is a son of a poor father who works in the town. He knows that  his father earns by working hard. He often goes to the place where his father  works. It was on a holiday when he went to see his father. As his father was  busy, he waited there. He waited in the workshop until his father stopped  working. His father came out when it was quite dark. Now they began to walk  fast so that they could catch the train. They walked fast lest they should miss the train. Kamal could not walk as fast as his father could. Though the road was not visible clearly, they were walking fast. They reached the station at the time when the train was just going to leave.

Ask and answer:

  • (i)      Does this passage contain sentences with more than one clause?
  • (ii)     Do all the sentences have two clauses? If so, how many kinds of clauses they are? What are they?

Now let's know more about subordinate clauses in the next section!