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Active and Passive Examples

The table below shows example sentences in active and passive voice for the basic tenses as well as various other verb forms, including infinitives and participles.

active passive
Present Simple How does onepronouncehis name? Howishis namepronounced?
Present Continuous Ati's helpingTara. Tara's being helpedby Ati.
Present Perfect Kidhas serveddinner. Dinnerhas been served.
Present Perfect Continuous The policehave been watchingthat house for weeks. That househas been being watchedfor weeks.
Past Simple Theydidn'tfixmy phone yesterday. My phonewasn'tfixedyesterday.
Past Continuous Theywere interrogatinghim when I called. Hewas being interrogatedwhen I called.
Past Perfect I wondered why theyhadn'tinvitedme. I wondered why Ihadn'tbeen invited.
Past Perfect Continuous She wasn't sure how long they'd been followingher. She wasn't sure how long she'd been being followed.*
Future Simple Theywill hanghim at dawn. Hewill be hangedat dawn.
Future Continuous Theywon'tbe questioninghim when you get there. Hewon'tbe being questionedwhen you get there.
Future Perfect Theywill have repairedyour car by 7pm. Your carwill have been repairedby 7pm.
Future Perfect Continuous They'll have been treatingher for exactly three months tomorrow. She'll have been being treatedfor exactly three months tomorrow.*
infinitive I dont want anyoneto disturbme. I don't wantto be disturbed.
perfectinfitive They seemto have takenit. It seemsto have been taken.
participle I saw the cateatingit. I saw itbeing eatenby the cat.
perfect participle Having finishedmy work, I went home. My workhaving been finished, I went home.
gerund I insisted on thempayingme. I insisted onbeing paid.
going to Is he goingto singThriller at the party? Is Thriller goingto be sungat the party?
used to Ramused to take care ofeverything. Everythingused to be taken care ofby Ram.
can They canquestionhim for six hours. He canbe questionedfor six hours.
could It couldhavebadlyhurtyou. You couldhave beenbadlyhurt.
may The papers say they mayreleasehim. The papers say he maybe released.
might Somebody mightbuyit. It mightbe bought.
must Passengers mustwearseat belts. Seat belts mustbe worn.
should You shouldhave toldme. I shouldhave been told.
ought to They oughtto forgivehim. He oughtto be forgiven.