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Simple Phrases & Idioms

A phrase is a group of words that works as a single part of speech having neither a subject nor a predicate.

Phrases are of seven kinds :

  1. Noun Phrase : It does the work of a noun: His coming back is uncertain.
  2. Adjective Phrase : It does the function of an adjective: He was a man of fame (=a famous man)
  3. Adverbial Phrase : It does the work of an adverb: He ran at a great speed. (= fast)
  4. Prepositional Phrase : It does the work of a preposition: He stood in front of the man.
  5. Conjunctional Phrase : It does the work of a conjunction: Come back as early as possible.
  6. Interjectional Phrase : It does the work of an interjection: By God! I have never done this. What a pity!
  7. Verbal Phrase is group verbs: It works as a verb: Do not look down upon the poor.

An idiom is a phrase having a special meaning used as a mode of I, expression peculiar to a language.

The Headmaster is all in all (= all powerful) in the school.

  1. Choose the right phrase from the box and use in the gap:
act on of a walking of great
in front of from the at this on Japan
hero the park kindness tree moment
  1. He came and stood [dash] me.
  2. I do not need it [dash]
  3. They enjoy [dash] every mornmg.
  4. He bought a car [dash]
  5. Mohsin was a man [dash]
  6. You have performed the [dash]
  7. He [dash] on my advice.
  8. Choose the right phrase from the alternatives:

(i) He gave me a ring [dash] (of gold, for gold, with gold)

(ii) He did it [dash] (carelessly, carefully, in a careless manner)

(iii) We met him [dash] (in the way, on the way, over the way)

(iv) He returned home [dash] he could. (as soon as, soon, very quickly).

(v) A man [dash] is like a rudderless boat. (with an aim, without an aim, having

an aim)

(vi) Even a man [dash] can do it. (of street, on the street, in street)

(vii) He was a man [dash] (of fame, with fame, in fame)

(viii) A flower is a symbol [dash] (of beauty, with beauty, having beauty)

(ix) He was a man [dash] (riches, of riches, of rich)

(x) He is a man [dash] (of power, of powerful, with power)