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Linking Words

A linking word words as a conjunction to joint two or more words, phrases and clauses together.

Let's know more about words used as linking words:


  1. I am glad that you have passed.
  2. He knows that you will come again.
  3. Who is the man that can do it?
  4. We eat that we may live.

Who, Which, What:

  1. I know the man who came here.
  2. This is the book which is now out of print.
  3. I do not know what they want.

How, Where, When, While:

  1. He wanted to know how I would go.
  2. He wanted to know where I would go.
  3. He wanted to know when I would go. .
  4. You should not run in the field while it rains.

Before, After :

  1. They had reached home before the rain started.
  2. We returned home after the sun had set.
  3. I shall start for school after eating my lunch.
  4. He will not go out to play before finishing the lesson.

As, Because:

  1. As he was ill, he did not attend school.
  2. He did not attend school because he was ill.

Whereas :

  1. Karim is very hardworking, whereas his brother is lazy.

In order to :

  1. In order to learn English you have to practise the four skills.

Though, But:

  1. Though he is poor, he is honest.
  2. He is poor but honest.

Both and :

  1. Rabindranath was both a poet and a dramatist.
  2. Both Rahim and Karim are industrious.
  3. He will go both to Dhaka and Savar.
  4. He will both read and write.


  1. Read or you will fail.

If, Whether:

  1. If you read, you will learn
  2. Stay here if he does not come.
  3. I do not know whether he came.

Unless, until, till :

  1. Unless you work hard you cannot shine in life.
  2. Wait here until I return.
  3. They worked in the field till the sun set.

Either ........... or :

  1. Either Rahim or Karim came.
  2. Either Rahim or his brothers have done it.
  3. He will either read or write
  4. I shall go either to Rajshahi or Dinajpur.
  5. He will either play or work.

Neither ........... nor:

  1. Neither Rahim nor his father works here.
  2. I shall neither wait nor tell others to wait.
  3. He will neither write nor read.
  4. Neither he nor his friends are present now.


  1. Whoever you may be, I do not care for you.


  1. It is a week since I came here.
  2. A week has passed since I came here.
  3. Since you are ill, you cannot go there.


  1. Rahim is taller than Karim.

As.............as/So....:..........as :  

  1. Karim is not as tall as Rahim I or so tall as Rahim. .

Such ........ as

  1. Such a kind man as Mohsin is rarely found.


  1. You can stay here, provided (on condition that) You will not speak.


  1. Let him do whatever he likes.

As Soon as :

As soon as the teacher came, the students became quiet.

So......:...... that :

He is so weak that he cannot walk

So long:

God will bless us so long our purpose is honest.

But for:

But for your help, I would have failed.

As well as :

Rahim as well as Karim has come here.