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Compound Sentence

Read the following Passage that contains three kinds of sentences :
Bangladesh is an agricultural country. She depends on agriculture for her economic development. As her economy depends on agriculture, we should lay emphasis on agriculture. We have to develop cultivation scientifically because scientific method of cultivation can ensure more production. For this purpose we have to identify the problems that our farmers face. They are not only illiterate but also ignorant. They are both deprived and neglected. Though they work hard, they do not get what they deserve. They cannot improve their condition but they work from morning till dusk. They live in want and cannot maintain the family decently. Having worked for whole life, they die in hunger and poverty. It is really a great pity. Some farmers have neither land of their own nor good house to live in. They pass their days in miseries. They till the land of others and take the share of crops. Thus they maintain the family. The landless farmers also work as day labourers. They earn more by working hard during sowing or harvesting season. Some steps have been taken to improve the condition of our farmers. More should be done in this regard; otherwise the country will not develop rapidly. We must remember that the development of the farmers means the prosperity of the country. The other important thing is industrialization which will create job opportunities. So emphasis should be given to industrialization for attaining economic development.

In the previous lessons you read about simple and complex sentences. Now let's know what a compound sentence is.
A compound sentence has more than one principal, clause connected by one or more co-ordinating conjunction.

[Note: In a compound sentence each clause is a principal clause and the following conjunctions are usually used in it: and, but, or, both and, not only.. but also, neither …… nor,either…:. or, otherwise, therefore, on the contrary etc.]

Examples :

  1. The man is rich but not happy.
  2. He is poor but honest.
  3. The boy came here and returned at once.
  4. Rabindranath was not only a poet but also a dramatist.
  5. Nazrul was both a poet and a dramatist.
  6. Read regularly or you will not do well in the examination.
  7. I always help you, on the contrary, you work against me.
  8. Neither Rahim nor his brothers are working here.
  9. I know you spoke against me, yet I am not angry with you.

Exercise :
Read the passage again and identify three forms of sentences. Then write which kind of sentences they are.
One is done for you, .
As her economy depends on agriculture, we should lay emphasis on it (Complex sentence)
Complete the following Sentences and say which kind of sentence each belongs to.

  • They danced and [dash]
  • I did not understand what [dash]
  • He believed that [dash]
  • [dash] or you will fail.
  • If you read regularly [dash]
  • Every mother [dash]
  • Learning English is [dash]
  • [dash] time when I go to bed.