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Optative Sentence

The structure of indirect speech of Optative sentences.

  1. The Reporting verb is changed into wish or pray.
  2. The Optative form is changed into a statement.
  3. 'That' is used as a linking word.

Direct :He said to me, "May you be happy".

Indirect:He wished that I might be happy.

Direct :Father said to his son, "May God bless you".

Indirect:Father prayed that God might bless his son.

Direct :Mr. Khan said, "May Allah save me".

Indirect:Mr. Khan prayed that Allah might save him.

Direct :The crowd said, "Long live the chairman

Indirect:The crowd wished that the chairman might live long.

[Note: Though may is absent in the reported speech, its past form might should be used]

Direct :The children sang, "Long live the country".

Indirect:The children wished singing that the country might live long.

Direct :Mother said to Shathi & Smriti, "May you shine in life".

Indirect:Mother wished/prayed that Shathi & Smriti might shine in life.

Sentences that convey greetings, good-bye, farewell etc. are changed in the following way: Reporting verb is changed into wish, bid etc.

Direct: He said, "Good morning, my friend".

Indirect:He wished good morning to his friend.

Direct :He said, "Good evening, my friend".

Indirect:He wished his friend good evening.

Direct:He said to Karim, "Good night, my friend":

Indirect:He bade good night to his friend Karim.

Direct:The man said, "Farewell, my friend".

Indirect:The man bade farewell to his friend.

Direct .:Joya said, "Good bye, friend".

Indirect:Joya bade her friend good bye.

Exercise :

  1. Turn into the indirect form of speech:

(i)She said to me, "May you live long".

(ii)The teacher said to us, "May you all succeed":

(iii) The man said, "May Allah help me in danger".

(iv) They said, "Long live the king".

(v)Nila said to me, "May you do well in the exam".

(vi) He said to me, "May you win the game".

(vii) Bithi said, "May Allah save me".

  1. Turn into the direct form of speech:

(i)The teacher wished that all his students might prosper in life.

(ii)The people prayed that Allah might do good to their chairman.

(iii) The boys sang wishing that the king might live long.

(iv) They prayed that Bangladesh might prosper day by day.

(v)The saint wished that I might live long.

(vi) Father wished that his son might have a good job.

(vii) They prayed that Allah might bless the man with a child.

  1. Turn into indirect form:

(i)He Said, "Good morning, Karim".

(ii)Rahim said, "Good evening, my friend".

(iii) He said, "Good night, my friend".

(iv) He said, "Good bye, my friend".

(v)He said to Nahid, "Good morning, my friend".