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Adverbial Clause

Adverbial Clause: An adverbial clause is of different kinds. They are as follows:
Adverbial clause of time:It is introduced by when, while, after, before, till, until, since etc.

  • (i)      Wait here until I come
  • (ii)     He came when I was there
  • (iii)    Many days have passed since he came here.

Adverbial clause of place:It is introduced by where, wherever, whence etc. Example:

  • (i)      Stay where you are.
  • (ii)     Go wherever you like.

Adverbial clause of cause or reason:It is introduced by because, as, since, that etc.

  • He will not go because he is ill.
  • As he was ill, he did not attend school.
  • Since you are ill, you should not come.
  • I am happy that you have passed.

Adverbial clause of purpose:It is introduced by that, in order that, so that, lest etc.

  • We read that we may learn.
  • He works hard in order that he may prosper.
  • Walk carefully lest you should fall down.
  • We should work more so that we can earn more.

Adverbial clause of result :It is introduced by that, so……. that, such……:. that etc.

  • What have I done that you do not like me?
  • He is so tired that he cannot walk.
  • He is such a fool that you cannot rely on him.
  • Adverbial clause of manner:It is formed with 'as'.


  • Do to others as you would be done by.
  • It happened as I expected.

Adverbial clause of condition or supposition :It contains if, unless, in case, on condition, whether, provided (that), supposing (that) etc.

  • If I succeed, I shall help you.
  • I shall not come unless you invite me.
  • I may come in case I have time.
  • He will come provided he gets leave.
  • I shall try whether I fail or succeed.

Adverbial clause of concession :This clause contains though, although, even, if, etc.
Example :

  • Though he is rich, he is not happy.
  • Even if I fail, I shall not give up hope.

Adverbial Clause of Comparison or degree :This clause is introduced by so…… as, such…..:.: as, as…….. as, than, the, etc.

  • Rafique is not as tall as his brother. `
  • He is aswise as you.
  • Rina is taller than Mina.
  • The sooner, the better.

Exercise :
Now read the passage about Kamal and his father again. Then identify different kinds of clauses in it and state to which class of clauses they belong.
Combine the following two sentences into one sentence having two clauses :

  • (i)      Rahman found me on the way. He came to receive me.
  • (ii)     I read stories. These are written by Tagore.
  • (iii)    He is too weak. He cannot walk
  • (iv)    The sun set. I returned home.
  • (v)     The man is poor. He is honest.
  • (vi)    He was ill. He did not come to school.
  • Divide the following sentences into two clauses :
  • (i)      He did not come to school on account of his illness.
  • (ii)     I am surprised at your failure.
  • (iii)    We are hopeful of your success.
  • (iv)    I have heard about his arrival.
  • (v)     I met him on my way to school.
  • (vi)    This is my birth place.
  • (vii)   He will not return till sunset.
  • (viii) We know him to be a poet.
  • (ix)    He left at daybreak.
  • (x)     I do not believe his statement.