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Sometimes you need help finding something or someplace. Below are common phrases used to talk about directions in English.

  • Excuse me, where is…..?
  • I need to get to _____.
  • On/at the corner
  • Between: in the middle of two things
  • Near/Close to…: immediately close to something
  • Far away from: not near, distant Straight
  • Opposite: in front of, contrary side

Example Sentences

  • 1- The school is in between South Ave. and Birch Street.
  • 2- Go straight for three blocks and then turn right. It is the third house from the corner.
  • 3- McDonalds is opposite Taco Bell in the food court at the mall.
  • 4- I live close to West Tower on Broadway Ave.

Questions Used to Ask for/Give Directions

  1. Where is _________?
  2. How do you get to _____?
  3. Where is the nearest _____?
  4. Can you tell me how to get to ___?
  5. Could you tell me where the _____ is?
  6. Is there a ______ close by?

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