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Crime, Safety and Police

Crime, safety and police are topics that you should know how to talk about. Even if you do not experience crime first hand; you will hear and see crime talked about on the news and TV. It is a common topic.

  • High Crime Rate- a lot of crimes in a certain area or year
  • Low Crime Rate- few crimes in a certain area or year
  • Victim of a crime- person that had a crime committed against them

In Case of an Emergency:

  • Call the Police!
  • Call 9-1-1!

Reporting a Crime/Problem:

  • There is a fire at ________________. (state location or address)
  • Someone has been hurt at ___________. (state location or address)

Arrested: the police detained a person

Charged with ___:

Ticket/Fine: Money you have to pay to the police or government for breaking or violating a law. (For

example: parking illegally, driving too fast, etc.)

List of Crimes/Problems:

  1. Robbed- something was taken without permission
  2. Pick pocketed- wallet was stolen/taken
  3. Car Jacked- car was robbed/removed from owner
  4. Car accident- cars hit each other and resulted in damage/injury

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