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Clothes and Shoes

Buying new clothes and shoes can be difficult when you are trying to do it in a new language.

Below you will find phrases to help you shop for clothing and shoes in a store.

Looking for Something

  1. I am looking for ___________. Can you tell me where to find it?
  2. Where can I find _____________?
  3. Do you have this in size __?
  4. Do you have this in red/blue/black?
  5. Do you have a ___________ one? (bigger, smaller, shorter, longer, etc.)

Trying Clothes On

Where is the dressing room? I would like to try these on.

  1. Can I try this on?
  2. It fits.
  3. It’s too big.
  4. It’s too small.
  5. Paying/Price
  6. How much is it?
  7. How much does this cost?

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