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Agreeing and Disagreeing

Learning how to agree and disagree with a statement is important. Below you will learn phrases to help you do this. 

The most common ways to agree: 

  • “Me too.” (Response to a positive statement) 
  • “Me neither.” (Response to a negative statement) 

Examples of Agreeing: 

  • I love this weather. Respond: “Me too.” 
  • I like chocolate cake. Respond: “Me too.” 
  • I don’t like sea food. Respond: “Me neither.” 
  • I haven’t ever been here before. Respond: “Me neither.” 
  • “So do I” (Response to a simple positive statement) 
  • “Neither do I” (Response to a simple negative statement) 

Examples of Agreeing: 

  • I love Mickey Mouse. Respond: “So do I,” 
  • I don’t like spicy food. Respond: “Neither do I.”

 The most common ways to disagree: 

“I don’t.” 

Examples of Disagreeing: 

  • I like pizza. Respond: “I don’t.” 
  • I love Justin Bieber. Respond: “I don’t.”

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